Subsea Relic

Subsea Relic 1.20

Swim and avoid the enemies to reach your purpose
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Carefully navigate through the incoming enemies and do what you can to avoid them while using the keyboard and mouse hotkeys. Each level is different and provides different objectives and challenges. Collect all the items you can find and locate the extra places as well for extra bonuses.

Subsea is a great adventure and arcade game. The story of this game will introduce you to a fun game and challenge. Kenny finds a pirate chest with an ancient artifact, his grand father told him a story about how Pirates stole this artifact many years ago. The artifact was equipped with a powerful crystal that brings good luck for good people and has no mercy with its enemies. When pirates stole it they got bad luck and they lost it in pieces in the ocean. The main goal of this game is to dive the ocean and find the pieces of the treasure and the parts of the crystal. You must restore the different parts of this item and get the powerful crystal.
This game will take you to a diving adventure in the ocean, some enemies will try to hurt you and some will kill you. You will find crabs, octopus, underwater mines, even sword fish. Avoid them and swim to your objective. Each level of the game has different items to find, collect them all before you enter the end of the road. Try to find secret places for extra bonuses.

Birgilio Rivera
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